Team Mentor

I help teams ask better questions, give better answers, and learn together to build a higher quality product

Reduced developer waste increases team productivity and bandwidth for developers to align with the product roadmap while creating less technical and quality debt
Increased productivity and reduced quality debt improves the user experience, reduces the occurrence of issues, and allows teams to better respond and scale to user needs
Reduced knowledge debt decreases onboarding cost, improves time-to-first-issue for new devs, and reduces burnout and attrition, while increasing growth among the entire team
Reduced technical debt, quality debt, and knowledge debt create a stable product base for experimentation around changes, from incremental improvements to moonshot goals

North Star

I work as a catalyst towards high impact and lasting change for your team. With that in mind I follow three principles.

No two teams work alike, so we'll experiment and guide iteration with measured results you can trust.
To create a better future, we'll embrace bold choices while practicing honest reasoning to unlock the greatest returns.
We will discover your teams optimal process, giving you the freedom to develop and improve independently.

Quantifying Software Debt

'Are we solving the right problem?' As software creators we should always be asking this question. In my work I address four problematic debts that teams face.

Changes that have not been prioritized or carried out, but that will improve the developer experience
A gap in knowledge transfer needed to perform tasks withing processes or the code base, leading to wasted 'stuck' time
Features and bugs that lead to a lack of safety, or lack of user engagement due to unreliable or underdeveloped code
Undeveloped features that will grow the product to scale or meet user needs

Improve Knowledge Distribution

All processes have levers to affect change. I focus on the four activities that when combined reduce debt and contribute to lasting success.

Pairing and 'mob' programming consists of applying more developers to a single problem. The effect is more than additive, it's a progress multiplier. Throughput is increased, knowledge is directly shared, multiple viewpoints ensure best practices and creates best of breed solutions
Developers don't always have the time or skills to mentor or be mentored effectively. I work directly as a technical mentor and intermediary between those who have answers and who have questions, improving the quality of both.
Visibility into your people, code, processes, and progress are essential to measuring your successes and surfacing issues. Having a firm grasp on backlog size, developer downtime, incidents, and user engagement ensures you're moving in the right direction.
Documentation takes many forms, from evolving prose to interactive content. Proper records of changes, architecture, and practices highlights issues and incidents, allows for asynchronous knowledge sharing, prevents mistakes, and creates a springboard for innovation.

I Can Help Your Team Succeed!

If your team dealing with knowledge silos and debt that's hampering your ability to grow, I can guide you towards solutions that will help you develop software with greater return on investments in your people, processes, and product.

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