Portrait of Ryan Lynch

Hello! I'm Ryan Lynch

Software Engineering Mentor

Nice to meet you! I help founders and developers overcome the stress and uncertainty of software engineering to build satisfying and meaningful products!

Let's work together!

Galactic History

Ryan at work

I started my journey as a self taught developer with a desire to share what I learned along the way.

My career has brought me to small startups, and large tech companies alike.

I've also taught software development both independently and for top bootcamps.

Now I use my knowledge to help others fulfill their dreams to found their own startups, enhance their engineering teams, and become better developers!

Stellar Observations

  • Ryan is an awesome mentor! He has been helping me build my B2B SAAS app for the past couple months and he is extremely knowledgable and very responsive. I am a non-technical founder, who is learning to code as I build my app and with Ryan's help I have been able to understand React, Firebase, and Prisma and incorporate them into my app. He is also very good and quick at troubleshooting problems / bugs. Would highly recommend him!

    --Swetha S.
  • Ryan is my secret weapon. I started with him before I went to a software bootcamp and I’m still working with him 4 years later! He guided me through building a complex game (React) that I have built a company around. Pair programming with him is incredibly productive and exposes me to incredible patterns that have helped me tackle many challenges on my own. Working on a startup makes it hard to stay in the know, but Ryan makes sure I’m always elevating my skills (most recently Typescript)!

    --Stephen S.
  • Ryan has a unique ability to adapt to the individual needs of each student. Whatever your goals, Ryan will make sure you have the resources and personal time needed to reach them.

    --Emily G.

Nebulous Thoughts